08 April 2014

Styxx (Dark-Hunter #22) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #22)Just when you thought doomsday was over...
Centuries ago Acheron saved the human race by imprisoning an ancient evil bent on absolute destruction. Now that evil has been unleashed and it is out for revenge.
As the twin to Acheron, Styxx hasn’t always been on his brother’s side. They’ve spent more centuries going at each other’s throats than protecting their backs. Now Styxx has a chance to prove his loyalty to his brother, but only if he’s willing to trade his life and future for Acheron’s.
The Atlantean goddess of Wrath and Misery, Bethany was born to right wrongs. But it was never a task she relished. Until now. She owes Acheron a debt that she vows to repay, no matter what it takes. He will join their fellow gods in hell and nothing is going to stop her.
But things are never what they seem, and Acheron is no longer the last of his line. Styxx and Acheron must put aside their past and learn to trust each other or more will suffer.
Yet it’s hard to risk your own life for someone who once tried to take yours, even when it's your own twin, and when loyalties are skewed and no one can be trusted, not even yourself, how do you find a way back from the darkness that wants to consume the entire world? One that wants to start by devouring your very soul?

So hi!? This book obviously took me a while to finish! Eeeek! It wasn't because it wasn't a good book- heck no! It's Sherrilyn Kenyon for goddess's sake! It was just because life gets busy sometimes and right now audiobooks have taken a backseat for me. Summer vacation is right around the corner for us, so I'm hoping this summer with a bit more time, I'll be able to start back up. I have tons of books saved by authors that I'm so very fond of and have every intention of refocusing my time and attention into indulging more into audiobooks! :) So... onto Styxx!!! Obviously this is book 22 in an extremely long line of amazingly well written, colorful series, that it was quite a pleasure to listen to. Fred Berman read this one and it was also very nice to hear his voice once again! :) If you are familiar with Kenyon's work, you have heard of Styxx and his brother Acheron, whom is throughout the whole Dark Hunter series, and this book gives a whole flip side of that whole situation, it's the telling of Styxx side of the story, which is endearing, heartwarming and almost as torturous as Acheron's story... this book was a definite 5 stars from me, I loved it- even though it took me forever to finish! :/

I have plans on starting this next:

Reaver  (Lords of Deliverance, #5; Demonica, #10)

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