27 July 2012

Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

{YES, I've listened to this book on audio and YES this post contains spoilers, as I am reviewing a book!! LOL! may contain questionable language, discretion is advised! Excerpt below from Good Reads.}

Adam (Nightwalkers, #6)

Adam (Nightwalkers #6)

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Haunted by magic, beset by evil, the Nightwalkers face their darkest hour yet. And when they unthinkable happens, only one legendary male has the power, the will, to save them:



From their first tantalizing touch, Jasmine knows he is different. What other lover could unlock her tight control, flood Vampire senses jaded by a lifetime of decadent self indulgence? Centuries ago, when he disappeared without a trace, she had given up hope of ever fulfilling the promise of incomparable passion. But here he is, against the very laws of nature, ready to bring down their most vicious enemy, ready to bring her blood to the boiling point.... If she will only let him

Hello again friends and followers! I'm here reviewing Adam by Jacquelyn Frank! This book, too, as the others in the series was narated by the lovely Xe Sands.

I finished this on audiobook last night and felt like it was good closure to the series, but I was curious... so this morning I did some googling (that sounds dirty!) of Ms. Frank and happened upon her website to do some reading as to whether or not this is indeed the last book in the Nightwalker series... It appears so. Which is sad, but okay, since like I said; there was closure. I also read some interesting tid bits from Frank who stated she didn't necessarily enjoy spoilers, especially in reviews. Now, I'm not wanting to upset the powers that be and get authors irritated at me or anything, but since this IS a book review blog, I do warn my readers up front that there may or may not be a spoiler here and there. I think I've been pretty safe though, looking back on my other reviews and given each book fair exposure without going into too much detail on real plot twists and ruining surprise endings and whatnot... I do hope that I am not causing authors any heartache over my reviews. I think I'm pretty open minded and fair and keep in mind that there's a lot more to a book then one little opinion! I may dislike a book and express that here on my blog, but that doesn't mean that the next person who picks up that book won't completely love it!

But... I digress, because I thoroughly enjoyed Adam! I have to admit when I first gave it a listen, I was in a Nyquil induced coma with a killer summer cold (bleh!) and I thought I was kind of hallucinating when the plot started to pick up... I was actually saying to myself "What the fuck...??" (...and actually after having perused the Frank website today and reading her story regarding the THREE YEAR wait to release Adam -GASP- when it was finally released, I kinda see why I was shocked/confused as the book started up) and literally felt like my heart was being pulled right out of my chest (okay, slight exaggeration there, so what!) with the plot that was unfolding right before my... ears! (audiobook, remember!) I was shocked and stunned at how Frank decided to take this book but it all ended up quite clever and well thought out! I really actually enjoyed how she toyed with my emotions through this one, much more so than with any of the other books, I might add! They all kind of built up to this crescendo, which is Adam. It was a very fun little journey full of plot twists and that warm, fuzzy happy ending feeling that you always want to have at the end of any book; or any series even. I enjoyed the complexity of the situations and the time Frank took to explain everything, but not overly so to where you invested more than you wanted to, or more than you felt you should have when all was said and done. I will definitely be considering other books of Frank's in the near future as I plod through my TO BE READ list, that is to be sure! Once again, I do hope anyone reading this out there in internet land gives the Nightwalker series by Jacquelyn Frank a go. It's six great books that take you on a really easy, fun, slightly smoldery little journey. 

I give the final book in the series- Adam, this many stars:  ★★★★ = Liked it!

...and I just loaded up this book, which I will be starting once I publish this post! :)

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