31 July 2012

Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter

{YES, I've listened to this book on audio and YES this post contains spoilers, as I am reviewing a book!! LOL! may contain questionable language, discretion is advised! Excerpt below from Good Reads.}

Wicked Nights

Wicked Nights (Angels of the Dark #1)

4.18 of 5 stars 4.18  ·  rating details  ·  1,844 ratings  ·  385 reviews
Leader of the most powerful army in the heavens, Zacharel has been deemed nearly too dangerous, too ruthless--and if he isn't careful, he'll lose his wings. But this warrior with a heart of ice will not be deterred from his missions at any cost...until a vulnerable human tempts him with a carnal pleasure he's never known before.

Accused of a crime she did not commit, Annabelle Miller has spent four years in an institution for the criminally insane. Demons track her every move, and their king will stop at nothing to have her. Zacharel is her only hope for survival, but is the brutal angel with a touch as hot as hell her salvation--or her ultimate damnation?

Hello everyone! I just finished this audiobook last night. To be quite honest, I KNEW I had listened to a Gena Showalter series before, but at the very moment of loading and starting this audiobook, I couldn't for the life of me remember which one. Does that mean I listen to too many books? Bahahah! NO!! So yeah, total embarrassing moment for me, not remembering! And as I started listening, the lovely, most wonderful Max Bellmore (narrator) read in my ear, it all slowly came back to me. It actually took about 3-4 chapters, and I said to myself THE LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD!!!! and then shortly thereafter, Showalter mentioned the LOTU in the plot of the book. I was sooo pleased to see that much later in the book, they even had speaking parts in the book. I LOVED the Lords of the Underworld. I've listened to THEM ALL and loved them tons! I can't wait for the next LOTU book! I think that was when I really fell in love with Max Bellmore's reading style and sound of his voice. He's read other series by other author's that I've listened to and he's AH-MAZING! Anyway!!! So, I grabbed this book right when it came out and I'm sooo pleased to see that this is going to be a series (hence the Angel of Dark # 1) and that we got to meet a few of the characters Showalter is going to give their very own books to. I wasn't pleased though, to poke around her website and find out whom book # 2 is going to be about. He didn't really stand out and impress me much in this book (Koldo) as much as other characters did (Oh I can't WAIT to hear Thane's story... meoooow!), but I know it will be an amazing journey, like this book was. Again, to be honest (what's with this honesty crap?), when I started the book, it was a slow starter, to me. It took me several different goes and about chapter 4-5 to really sink my teeth into this book. I tried "the other angel series" but JR Ward (Covet... Crave... etc) but did NOT get into them and quit before I'm sure the first book got good, those books have great ratings, but this book nods towards the LOTU and I just loved those books sooo much, so I knew I had to stick this one out even though that first night of giving it a go, I pulled my ear buds out of my ear to go to sleep and said "Bleh, slow starter... boring..." But thankfully, I gave it a couple more listens and then could NOT take my ear buds out! I literally spent all of yesterday listening to that book. A good 7-8 hours, listening and then finishing it up right at midnight last night! I loved it and it picked up nicely! I love the characters, although Annabelle started to sound and act exactly like another character from the LOTU named Anya. It was very very similar but that's okay! Anya was cute and sassy and wouldn't ever give up no matter what- although Annabelle was "human" and Anya wasn't. It's just the way Bellmore did the voices, I think, it all kinda started to sound exactly the same, but again- that's okay by me I was just tickled pink to hear the mention of the LOTU's in this book because the characters are slightly tied together, they assist the angels from time to time, and they are "friends" (putting that mildly lol!). There was a main plot twist at the end, that I don't even know why I didn't see coming. Once it was revealed shortly before the book ended, I was like DUH!!! WHY DIDN'T I SEE THAT COMING! I felt stupid, but was so wrapped up in this angel,  Zacharel, and his quirks and everything else, that I didn't see it coming and it was a good little surprise. I sincerely hope that anyone who loved the LOTU as much as I did, will pick up this book and give it a try. The familiarity of this book and the world described in it and characters will really get into your mind and heart! Great book!!! Can't wait for #2.... #3 and more!!!

I gave Wicked Nights:  ★★★★★ = Loved it!

I have no idea what I really want to start next... I have loaded on my mp3 player the following book, so I guess I will give this new series a go...

Atlantis Rising (Warriors of Poseidon, #1)

I'm editing to add, a day or so later, that I changed what I'm currently reading... found a new series that had a higher rating, so starting that first... I am now wrapped up in... (and kind of enjoying...)

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, #1)


  1. Halfway to the Grave is a good book but I'm not sure you'll want to listen to it. I tried (I too like audiobooks) and I couldn't get into it so I had to read it. Same with Darkfever by Karen Moning.

    Another great angel series...Guild Hunter. First one is Angel's Blood. Great audiobook. Great series.

    1. Hey thanks for your input! :) I might look into that angel series! :) I'm actually on book 4 of the Night Huntress series and even though Bone's accent kills me sometimes, I find myself hearing it in the back of my mind, and I know it's time to pick my mp3 player back up and give a list! I enjoyed books 1 and 4, the others were just meh for me... but I'm slowly getting into book 5, I hope I like it! :)



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