06 October 2012

Born of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

{YES, I've listened to this book on audio and YES this post contains spoilers, as I am reviewing a book!! LOL! may contain questionable language, discretion is advised! Excerpt below from Good Reads.}

Born of Night (The League, #1)

Born of Night (The League #1)

 4.24  ·  rating details  ·  6,791 ratings  ·  540 reviews
Awakened from a drugged sleep in a cold cell, the Princess Kiara finds herself a prisoner of the merciless marauders who threaten her father's planetary kingdom. Miraculously, a rescuer appears, but behind his fearsome mask is the handsome face of a dark avenger whose outlaw touch sets her very soul aflame.

Hello!!! I have to say, it's just been less than 10 minutes from my finishing this book, so this WILL be gushy and exaggerated, I fear! I wasn't too sure about starting this, not really having heard much about it, BUT having loved everything else that I've read (the whole Dark Hunter series and Chronicles of Nick series) by Kenyon; I thought I would give it a go... and boy, oh boy! Am I glad I did. This was a GOOD book. Period! It was very reminiscent of her Dark Hunter books in that there is a lush detail about how she writes, and the character building- HOLY SMOKES! She's built up these characters and such a way that every single emotion she attempted to portray was there, raw and tangible. I loved the peril too! You really felt like you were along this crazy journey with these characters and were emotionally invested in the outcome, and it left me having an intense desire to reach for my mp3 player and give it a listen for long periods of time! LOL! I've literally been listening to this book all day, so like... at least 5 hours today, until I finished it up. It was such a pleasure! I loved the main characters, Kiara and Nykyrian and can not wait to dig into the other books, I already have book 2 cued up and ready to go. This was narrated by someone named Kelly Fish, which, after looking into her, it shows on Audible.com she's only read this one book. I wonder if narrators use sur-names? Because I could have sworn I've heard her voice and through the first chapter I actually stopped listening and scurrying to my computer to google who was reading this book (didn't pay attention when she announced herself as the reader at the beginning of the book I guess!) she sounds EXTREMELY familiar and I can't pin point it because I've listened to sooo many female readers and many of them sound a lot alike! I completely adored the way this reader created all of the accents, all of the character put into their tones of voices- it was just so enjoyable! I just snuck a peek at whom reads the next book (Born of Fire) in the series and am giddy with excitement at whom it is! This type of book was just what I feel I've been missing out on over the past several books I've listened to!
Soooo... anyone who's not read this and doesn't mind a little bit of sci fi (which I've never read before now and was weary about, but extremely happy with) and massive character building and a thrilling little ride through a wonderful new "world", I would highly suggest this book!

If I could give more, I would... this book gets    
  from me!

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