14 October 2012

Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

{YES, I've listened to this book on audio and YES this post contains spoilers, as I am reviewing a book!! LOL! may contain questionable language, discretion is advised! Excerpt below from Good Reads.}

Reflected in You (Crossfire, #2)

Reflected in You (Crossfire #2)

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Gideon Cross. As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside. He was a bright, scorching flame that singed me with the darkest of pleasures. I couldn't stay away. I didn't want to. He was my addiction... my every desire... mine.

My past was as violent as his, and I was just as broken. We’d never work. It was too hard, too painful... except when it was perfect. Those moments when the driving hunger and desperate love were the most exquisite insanity. We were bound by our need. And our passion would take us beyond our limits to the sweetest, sharpest edge of obsession...

Well... I just finished Reflected in You by Sylvia Day. I had bought the book a week or so ago, but had another on my plate to finish before starting this. I was giddy with anticipation, to be quite honest. I guess I'm just a shameless hussy! LOL! Unfortunately, this left a wee bit of a bad taste in my mouth... *sigh* I just finished it mere moments ago, and felt compelled to type of a few notes on how I'm feeling right now, on my laptop, from bed. Yes, it's late, yes I'm extremely tired and yes, I loathe typing on this infernal contraption! LOL! So, without further ado,  here are a few of my feelings... it should be fun to rummage through these tomorrow morning over coffee! *snort* I had actually snuck into my daughters room to find a notepad and a pen after getting out of the shower this evening, to scrawl out a few point of interest before snuggling down into my bed to give the rest of the book a listen. I knew I was close to the end and wanted to remember a few highlights... a lot actually "bothered" me, "bugged me" (??), made me take notice about this book this time around. I'm not sure if it was the fact that that giddy, tingling in the tummy of that first infatuation / crush was completely gone for me, or if it was that needy, blatant obsession, desperation factor in there that really rubbed me the wrong way- but it kind of did. I was really looking forward to this second installment, after having read and enjoyed the first book- Bared to You. I was gushy over it and told anyone who swooned over 50 Shades, to please, for their own sake, read Bared to You- it was FAR better in writing style and plot (which I'm starting to second guess myself on the "plot" aspect...). I have down in my notes (I can barely read my own handwriting, gah!) that I've walked that fine line of feeling obsessive and kinda kooky over someone, where you'd do just about anything to be with them, even if it meant debasing yourself (which I HAVE done in the past multiple times w/ different people) and I guess now that I'm an adult and older and wiser (yeah, right), it just doesn't thrill me to really read about that kind of stuff anymore. I love the characters, don't get me wrong, Day paints a great picture and is a great writer, and I adore the fact that she makes her descriptions very tangle, touchable... and it's very easy for me to picture each motion and action and scenario... but that is all this book really was to me... a bunch of random, almost diary written'esque scenario's from day to day, week to week with a handful of sex scene's thrown in to show that Day still has that "edge" in her books. I like that "edge", don't get me wrong, it left me feeling awfully randy and playful, but then again, it left me feeling pity and feeling sorry that Eva was just a stupid girl in a fucked up situation and what kind of role model (yeah, I know, thinking WAY tooo much into this at this point...) was she for GIRLS or WOMEN? She was spineless! I am reiterating that I've felt just about damn near close to how Day describes the NEED, the WANT, the absolute MUST HAVE and looking back, it was bleh! Pathetic and just icky. Feeling that was is any sane person's RED FLAG / FIRST CLUE that that shit is just NOT RIGHT. To like... um, run away. And run far away! The plot was interesting and I enjoyed the outcome at the end, and obviously it was another 'cliff hanger' of sorts, to keep the reader hanging on, waiting and waiting for Day's 3rd book which will take another year to be released! LOL! It was an okay wait between the first book and this one... I was filled with excited anticipation when this book came out and even more so when it came out shortly after on audio format for lil ol' me (and everyone else who prefers to listen to their books!) heheh! The same narrator, Jill Redfield, blessed us with her lovely reading of the book as she did the first book in this series, and so that was familiar and pleasant because I adored how she did Gideon's voice. Rough and gravely and just perfect. It was nice to hear her again and listen to her describing Day's world to us that she created. I haven't read any other reviews on this book because I didn't want anything spoiled for me, but now that I've completed the book and this (sort of) review, I will partake and see what others thought, if they were just as happy with this one as they were the first one, or visa versa or just the MEH feeling that I have for it. In devoured the book, don't get me wrong, listening all hours of the night and day, it was a strange little roller coaster of events, frustrating moments of me rolling my eyes thinking that Eva was just being a stupid slut and to move on with her life and wondering what exactly, that Gideon had up his sleeve. I was actually fairly happy to hear that even though through chapters 2-4 or 5, Day repeated Eva being on her PERIOD, or the fact that she was due for her PERIOD any day now, period this, period that wasn't the terrible foreshadowing I thought it was going to be, kudos to Day for not ruining a perfectly good plot and coupling with a freaking pregnancy throw in there. Nothing dumps a huge bucket of cold water on a hot hot hot sex life and exploration of a relationship like a god damn pregnancy! (put that in your 50 Shades pipe and smoke it!) Anyway, I will be editing this in the AM with the Goodreads snippet and other bits and pieces, but for now, I'm off to bed as my wrists are aching and it's welllll past my bed time! :)

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  1. Hey! I just found your blog on Google and I was compelled to comment here because I laughed out loud at your observation about 'ruining a good plot with a pregnancy'. I couldn't agree more!



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