28 February 2013

Be Mine Tonight (Brotherhood of Blood #1) Kathryn Smith

{YES, I've listened to this book on audio and YES this post contains spoilers, as I am reviewing a book!! LOL! may contain questionable language, discretion is advised! Excerpt below from Good Reads.}

Be Mine Tonight  (Brotherhood of Blood, #1)
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Be Mine Tonight (Brotherhood of Blood #1)

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I am called Chapel.

For nearly six centuries I have roamed the night, a mortal man no longer. Would that I could undo the past—when I entered the sanctuary of the Knights Templar to wrest from them the Holy Grail, only to discover the chalice I raised to my lips was not the sacred relic but a hellish cup of damnation. Now I shun the day and all things human, driven by an ungodly thirst. And yet...

Never have I known a maiden the like of Prudence Ryland, whose beauty and spirit awaken a heart I feared long cold and dead. But her young life is slipping away, and she also seeks the deliverance of the Grail—unaware that the cost of her search could be her soul. I must help Prudence, for in six hundred years, no other woman has stirred my passions so. But dare I tender to my beloved that which she most desires—the sensuous "gift" of forever that is both rapture and a curse: my immortal kiss?

Hello visitors! Geesh, feels like it took me FOREVER to finish this book! Oy! Not sure, but towards the end there, it kinda sorta felt like I had less and less time or maybe even interest in the book itself because I was dreading the "END". So... here I am! LOL! I actually read a few reviews on GR about this book before I started it, and I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about it because there are actually a lot of negative & nasty review on it! I was fearful! I try not to read too many reviews BEFORE I read a book because I hate spoilers (which many of the reviews contained) and I really just don't want to have any sort of opinion on the book either way before I start it... well, I had put this book off several times, opting for a 'new release' from a more well known author or what have you, and well, I thought it was time to start it. Besides dreading the end bit (NO SPOILERS) and what would inevitably quite possibly come to pass, I really did enjoy this book. It's a "period piece", so it takes place in the 1800/1900's and there's proper tea and meals and dress etc. There could have been a little bit more detail in regards to fabric, dress clothes... things like that, but all in all, I really did like it. It had an interesting story behind it, and the first book ended on a sort of kind of cliff hanger, type of to-be-continued ending, so I have faith that I will undoubtedly pick up book 2 and read it as well. Parts of it were a little whiny, I have to admit, the main character Chapel grated on my nerves towards the end with his eleventh-hour crap, but he was vaguely likable, lol! Prudence was proper and witty and just adorable! I enjoyed her a lot. I think she was paired perfectly with Chapel and am looking forward to hearing more about the rest of group of "friends".

Now, the narrator was a bit interesting, her voice was familiar, but I don't have any posts tagged w/ her name in them, and am too lazy to read through the books she's read for right now, so I am not 100% sure if I'd heard her before, but she reminded me of my Grandma who lived on beer and cigs! LMBO! She had that seriously gravely voice, deeper and just read the book soooo strangely. Her "flow" was just way off. I'm not sure if that's just in production or what, but there were pauses when there shouldn't have been, and just the whole smooth flowing concept of reading a book went right out the window for me! LOL! It was odd and disjointed at times, to say the least! It wasn't the WORST I've ever listened to, but by far, not the best either! Meh! :P

Anyway, I have my hot little hands on Lara Adrian's newest Midnight Breed (#11) book and I'm sooo excited to start it!!! I love love love the Midnight Breed!!! :) See you soon!

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