27 May 2013

Redemption (Penton Legacy #1) by Susannah Sandlin

{YES, I've listened to this book on audio and YES this post contains spoilers, as I am reviewing a book!! LOL! may contain questionable language, discretion is advised! Excerpt below from Good Reads.}

Redemption (Penton Legacy #1)

For vampire Aidan Murphy, life has never been so desperate. The vaccine used to treat a global pandemic has rendered human blood deadly to his kind, leaving them on the brink of starvation and civil war.
In tiny Penton, Alabama, Aidan establishes a peaceful community of vampires and unvaccinated human donors. He dares to hope they can survive—until his estranged brother descends upon Penton and begins killing the humans. Determined to save his town, Aidan kidnaps an unsuspecting human doctor—and finds himself falling in love for the first time in nearly four centuries. 
Dr. Krystal Harris thought she was coming to Penton for a job interview, but Aidan Murphy has other plans. Infuriated by his high-handed scheme to imprison her in the small town, Krys can't ignore the attraction between them. But is it love? Or does her dangerous, charismatic captor want only to bend her to his will?

Hello! Late last night I finished a really neat book called Redemption. It's by Susannah Sandlin, whom I'd never heard of and read by someone else I'd never heard of; Angela Dawe. By the end of the book, I was enjoying Dawe's reading voice, it was nice, but was kinda bummed to find out that she's not reading book 2 in this series, which I started, briefly, last night. So this book was interesting. The way they set up the "story line". How there was a vaccination for humans and most humans got it, which turns their blood to poison for vampires. Kinda neat! And I guess the vamps can "smell" if the human's gotten the vaccine or not so that is helpful hahahah! The characters are fairly interesting in this book. It had a lot to say! It told a couple of stories, one main story about the main male character Aidan, which was relatively interesting too. I wasn't completely blown away but was drawn in and stayed fairly interested in it. The whole Stockholm syndrome thing was slightly annoying... the Dr Krystal Harris (that name, terrible!) was pretty much kidnapped and she pretty much talked herself into staying and that it was okay, even after a exceptionally unremarkable "first time" (s.e.x) with the main vampire character. Kind of odd the way Sandlin described their first time having...errr... relations. It sounded like a couple of minute of rutting around, poking, hip flexing and well, it was over! And WTF was up with his cell phone always ringing right after? I get it, he's a busy man. But can't a guy have some afterglow?! *shrug* Anyway... like I said, I started book 2, so will keep on with the series!

This might be a bit closer to a 3.5, but I'll give it a 4 because I never made .5 graphics! heh!

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