25 June 2013

Belong To Me (Wicked Lovers #5) by Shayla Black

Belong To Me (Wicked Lovers, #5)
She’s undercover and in over her head…
When FBI analyst Tara Jacobs’ fellow agent and best friend goes missing while investigating a sex ring, Tara goes undercover as a submissive in a Dallas BDSM club called Dominion. But no man can top a woman with Tara’s moxie convincingly enough—until an edgy, dangerous Dom takes control of the scene and sets her heart racing with a single, commanding glance. Too bad he’s also the man who stole her innocence years ago—and the one to whom she will never submit.
He’s got everything under control…until he falls for her again.
Navy SEAL Logan Edgington once left the woman he loved to save her life. He knows Tara will never forgive him, but he has no doubt that he possesses the knowledge to master her fears and the strength to guide her through an unfamiliar world of pleasure and pain. He alone can protect her on a dangerous mission that reveals both wicked depravities and terrible secrets. Logan relishes the exquisite torture of holding her again, feeling her uninhibited response. No matter how much Tara insists their fling will end after this mission, he’s determined that she will be his again—and this time, he’ll never let her go.

Hi, hi! I'm here to give you all my review of the above book, which is book 5 in the Wicked Lovers Series. I actually finished this late last night but haven't gotten a chance to sit down and really focus on a review since it's summer break and I'm super busy with the kiddo's! Anyway, this book was pretty okay. It focuses heavy on the BDSM world and gives the reader a lot of insight on that way of life, so that is kinda neat and interesting, and the characters were well rounded and vaguely familiar, as we've met Logan in previous books if you've read the other books in the series like I have. I do have to admit that through MOST of the book I kinda zoned out a lot, just hearing the words and barely letting them form an image in my mind, that is how this plot sort of went, a lot of hurry and wait type of moments, going here, doing this... it got very monotonous towards the end, and you kind of figure out who "the bad guy" is halfway through (or at least I did! LOL!) so it was a little flat there, but the "scenes" were pretty smokin' hot and the two main characters back story etc was pretty interesting, so that kept me hangin' in through the end! There are only 6 books so far and I just started book 6 late last night and I'm going to say that I will be happy once this series is over and I can get back into a paranormal groove! ;)

Only this many stars from me this time:

Until next time! :)

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