06 August 2013

Everlasting Kiss (Everlasting #1) by Amanda Ashley

Everlasting Kiss (Everlasting, #1)

Daisy O'Donnell doesn't get the attraction some women feel for vampires. She likes men with a heartbeat. And she's just met one who's full of life: Erik Delacourt. There's just one thing--Erik is a powerful vampire out to hunt the Blood Thief who's draining young vampires all over the city. Original.

Hello, hello!!! So, I just finished the above book Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley... narrated by Jennifer Ikeda- whom I've not ever listened to before, but thoroughly enjoyed her voice! She did a wonderful job trying to put some "life" into this book. Even though her reading skills were above average, this book was a serious flop for me. It was... pretty painful. LOL! This was a good little vampire starter book. For people who've never read/listened to a vampire book before. This is something I'd let my 10 year old daughter read, to be quite honest with you! The details were fuzzy, the sex scenes were cringe worthy and the "head over heels" crap was just wayyyyy tooooo sweet and silly. It felt a lot like Twilight with a tiny bit of sex. I had to constantly remind myself that Daisy (oh gods, that name!) and her brothers were supposed to be ADULTS! Everyone talked and acted like freaking teenagers in this book, it was awful. And I'm really surprised that I even made it through. I'd just ditched the menage book prior to this one and was a little grumpy about it (because I love me a good menage book *ehem*) but this one barely held my interest, it was just flat and well, silly. I recall reading reviews on GR briefly about this book before I gave it a go and was like hmmm, sounds kinda interesting, the fact that Daisy was a blood thief and not an actual hunter (like her father and brothers), so might have some potential, but... NOPE. Not having been raised on Anne Rice and Laurell K. Hamilton... nope nope nope. I have the second book in the series too and will NOT be indulging in that one! I'm actually deleting as I type... I'm multi-talented, don't ya know?!

Anyway, I'm soooo flipping stoked about the book that I'm going to be starting soon, I can hardly contain myself... maybe that's why I wanted to rush through this book and it wasn't rushing quickly enough for me? I dunno!

... this silly little book gets:

...and oooooo mmmmmyyyyy gosh... looookie what I have!!!! eeeep! YESSS!

The Darkest Craving (Lords of The Underworld, #10)

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