02 August 2013

The Warlock King (The Kings #3) by Heather Killough-Walden

The Warlock King (The Kings #3)

Jason Alberich wears the crown of the sovereign of the warlocks, a dark breed that uses darker magic. He wears it well, skillfully wielding a power that would corrupt others. Yet he has paid the price for his control, bearing the scars of a time when his power had control over him. He is haunted by the regrets of a shady past and now lives each day and night with an isolated soul. 
Chloe Septeran is an Akyri like no other. A member of a race that must depend upon warlocks for sustenance in exchange for servitude, Chloe runs from the dark magic users, choosing instead to live free of their hold. She has existed empty and “hungry,” but stubbornly free of the warlock’s dark embrace. However, now the fates have chosen to bring her running to a halt, as the 13 Kings each discover their queens – and the Warlock King discovers his.
A mighty power is awakening, wreaking havoc on the supernatural world. The 13 Kings, their queens, the werewolf nation, and the witch covens with their high leader, Lalura Chantelle, must band together and stand strong in the face of a dawning nightmare that threatens the very fabric of all they hold dear… and from which none may escape.

Hi all! Me again! Back so soon?? Well yes, these darn books are pretty short! This one was barely 6.5 hours long! :( Anyway, I wasn't sure that I would go on to book 3 in this series, but I'm slowly falling a little bit on love with it! LOL! This one is book 3 of The Kings series by Heather Killough-Walden (what a name!) and it was about the Warlock King... hence the book title! ;) It was pretty good, and the epilogue at the end touched on the Goblin King and his mini introduction and... well, I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on it! I'm interested to know more! I guess that makes it a pretty OK book? I will await it's release on audiobook format and bide my time listening to other books! :) I've just taken a short minute to go glance at this author's website and I think I might be waiting on the rest of the Kings books' in this series for a long, long time. Apparently she's taking a break from writing, is overwhelmed with health/allergy issues and that's kind of a bummer. But I guess if a writer is passionate about writing, it will come to them, regardless of their lack of interest in writing! I hope the Kings haunt her dreams! heheh! That might spur her into writing more books about them. BUT, writers are only human, this I understand, and releasing books to the masses and expecting book after book, is probably very well and true.... A LOT OF PRESSURE! I couldn't handle it! I barely like having the pressure of several custom graphics orders at once, like blog makeovers and blinkies before my brain kind of shuts itself down and says NOPE, NO MORE! Though that pales in comparison to famous authors, I can empathize a wee bit! ;) So I wish I would have read and known about her "break" before getting emotionally invested in these characters, lol! Further and further I was allowing myself to get into these stories and this one was an alright one. Granted, they are a bit fast paced for me, she crams a lot of a lot into these short books, and adds just soooo much information and the smexy smexy scenes feel rushed and like they could be just SO MUCH MORE! These books could be so much more, I know they could, so I hold out... until then! ;) I enjoyed meeting Jason and Chloe! It was funny how Chloe fought Jason the whole time and then all of a sudden realized, yeah, he might be for me! LOL! and his nickname for her, Stardust, is just... perfection. :) I am not sure I would suggest this series to people as it's probably going to remain an unfinished series, or the next books will be few and far between. Not a lot of readers really like that type of scenario! And these books on audio would have to be for the hardcore listeners, because this Antony Ferguson really makes it difficult to listen to! ;) I'm hoping that Heather feels better come fall and winter and she can find it in her to write more Kings books! :)

Sorta kinda:

I had finished this Warlock King book last night pretty late, and didn't want to review it but didn't want to doze listening to nothing, so I started my next book... and I have to say... right at this moment, it's not looking so hot... or sounding so hot... it's actually kind of terrible! LOL! We'll see!

Their Virgin Captive (Masters of Ménage, #1)

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