11 September 2012

Cheyenne by Lisa L. Wiedmeier

{YES, I've read this book and YES this post contains spoilers, as I am reviewing a book!! LOL! may contain questionable language, discretion is advised! Excerpt below from Good Reads.} 

Cheyenne (Timeless #1)

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  Rating details  ·  254 ratings  ·  49 reviews
Murder, romance, secrets and hidden pasts. Deception from every angle—who's telling the truth?

Cheyenne Wilson's life is thrown into turmoil after her adoptive parents are killed in an accident. With only her best friend Colt to comfort her, she scours through the family archives, hoping to quell her grief. Instead she begins to unravel the mystery behind her birth parents, and her secret heritage. She is a Timeless- a being that ages one year for every hundred human years when they reach their twenties- and of the royal line, destined to gain great power.

But Cheyenne has other problems. The ones who killed her parents want her too, and Colt is hiding something of his own. Surrounded by danger and with few she can trust, Cheyenne must face the dark truth of her past, and choose between a forbidden love that will forever hold her heart, or her destiny...

Hello visitors! For those of you who do not know, I design blogs for people in my "spare time" (lol, what's that, right??) and have a service for such here: www.designsbysarahbryan.com. I recently gave Lisa L. Wiedmeier, the author of the Timeless Series, a complete blog overhaul. It was such a great pleasure and complete honor to do this for Lisa and have found a magnificent friend in her as well- which is always an added bonus! I can't say that about ALL of my client's, but I can proudly say that about Lisa! She's beyond amazing, in my not so humble opinion! And as some of you may or may not know, I'm not really into "YA" books (young adult) generally, I kind of am stuck up that way, LOL! I sort of lift my nose at that genre and steer clear because I just need "more" generally. I did have the desire for "more" after finishing Cheyenne, the first book in this series, but I went into this knowing that these were YA books and I was reading them more to kind of peek into Lisa's mind, to see how she ticks per say, so I put my slutty lust on the back burner for this book! *snort* Now Lisa offered me this book in Kindle format and I easily loaded the book on my new Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet (10 in) and brought it up to read using the Kindle app- which worked perfectly for me. Now, I know... GASP! SHOCK! HORROR!!! I haven't physically sat down and actually READ a book, words on paper (or "tablet"/e-reader) in errrr... well... more than 10 years I would assume, so this was kind of new to me! LOL! Felt like riding a bicycle though, and I REMEMBERED how to read, hahaha! Several weeks ago, my youngest started kindergarten, so I find I have many hours in my day that are extremely uninterrupted, and there is only so much graphic design one can do in a whole 8 hours while kids are in school (and so many icky chores), so I thought I would give 'reading' another go. It's quite pleasurable, I find! LOL! I really enjoyed this book too. Lisa said I would get addicted to it, and although I'm not quite 'there' just yet, I do recall that sense of WHAT?!? THE BOOK IS OVER?!?! When I tapped away from the very last page. I kept tapping my tablet, what?! What now?? What's going to happen?! *gasp* and instead of diving head first into the second book "Promises", I turned off my tablet and jumped up to write this review. :) It was kind of interesting, living in Montana, to read about their travels TO Montana, LOL! It was sort of endearing, actually. Felt more personal. I know- not everyone lives in Montana, but this was kinda cheeky for me, and I enjoyed the fact! The back and forth of the feelings for Colt and Callon (I kept pronouncing his name Call [like a phone call] On... and kept mentally whacking myself- reminding myself it was probably Call-Un... *laughs* Wow... don't mind that odd little aside!) kind of frustrated me and I didn't quite see the whole 'betrothed' thing coming as obvious as it seemed like it was once we were privy to the information. Like duh. Yeah, that's pretty much what I said to myself after reading and finding out. Anywhooo- I digress! LOL! The heart strings being pulled to and fro irked me just a bit, made Cheyenne kinda a little more... how do I put it... naive? I think that's kind of a good word to describe the main female- Cheyenne. Just a little too "childish"... But I say that in a loving way, she tries her hardest to be head-strong and whatnot, but she's not. She's constantly being pulled and pushed into whatever direction everyone wants her to go in and that's sort of frustrating too. This was a nice little story, and a good little start and I'm looking forward to the journey that I know Lisa will take me on! :)

I gave this: ★★★★ = Liked it! 

I'm currently listening to Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon as well as loading up the second book in this Timeless Series- Promises. I think I might go lounge on the couch a bit and start Promises :)

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  1. Ah, there's my, Sassy Sara! Thanks for the wonderful, honest review! You don't have C.A.T.T.S yet, but I do smell it in the air. By the time you're done with Promises, I can almost guarantee you'll have the symptoms! ;)



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