03 January 2013

My Faves of 2012

So I guess book blogs can be something MORE than just reviewing books- Hah! I've seen a lot of posts around expressing their favorite books of 2012 that people have read and I thought I would do the same thing. I've been listening to audiobook since well, don't make fun of me please, the Twilight days. It was actually my first successful listen to a whole book, the first Twilight book. I had tried many years prior to listen to Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice on audio and it just didn't work out for me, so I never really did finish that book (probably the first of her books that I didn't full commit to, until The Wolf Gift *shudder*) I don't recall, I might have gone back and read it (I do have it proudly displayed in my bookshelf in hard back form (which most of her books I own, are in)... but I digress (see, this is why I don't make random posts, I end up rambling, sheesh!)... So, obviously this post will be in regards to a favorite book I LISTENED to on 2012. And it wasn't really a "single" book, it was a series- so does that count?? *shrug* Whatever. So... my fave for 2012 is... The Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. There are currently 14 books in the series and she's slowly releasing the books in audio format every six or so months. I listened to the first book back in Feb of 2012, and was completely and utterly HOOKED ever since. I know, I know, SARAH, why don't you just get the BOOKS and read them since they are ALL released and just waiting for you to devour?! *sigh* Well, I immediately became addicted to how Robert Petkoff reads these books! Oh man! He's so stellar! He's a reading genius, LOL! Anyway, the lore and the exquisite writing style are really what drew me in. Cole is a fantastic writer and this series is one of my new very favorites and even though I detest the waiting until the next audiobook in the series is released, it's okay because I get so damn excited about the book, it's comical! :P Anyway. So there you have it! My favorite book(s) of 2012. If you're into paranormal, a rich, great story being told with sooo many diverse and moody, creative characters- then try this series, you won't be let down! :)

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