13 January 2013

Pleasure (Shadowdwellers #3) by Jacquelyn Frank

{YES, I've listened to this book on audio and YES this post contains spoilers, as I am reviewing a book!! LOL! may contain questionable language, discretion is advised! Excerpt below from Good Reads.}

Pleasure (Shadowdwellers, #3)
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Pleasure (Shadowdwellers #3)

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Discipline. Penance. Order. A Sanctuary priest's life revolves around such things. But when Sagan is taken captive and thrust into the Alaskan wilderness, he encounters a woman who challenges his faith and his self-control. Valera is a natural born witch who almost lost herself to the lure of dark magic. By rights, Sagan should shun her, but convention will count for nothing in the face of a passion that could change the world of the Shadowdwellers forever...

As Chancellor of the Shadowdwellers, Malaya's first duty is to her people. Her bodyguard, Guin, knows this only too well. For tradition's sake, Malaya must marry, and the thought of this lush, vibrant, woman in a loveless union is impossible for him to bear. Guin loves Malaya - not as a subject loves his queen but as a man craves a woman. And even if he cannot keep her, he'll show her everything she stands to lose...

Hello! Welcome new and old visitors! I'm here to bring you my review on the third book in the Shadowdwellers series by Jacquelyn Frank, read by the lovely Kirsten Potter. I just read the other two books in the series, back to back, and loved them- and this book is no exception! It started out a little strange to me, with Sagan's tale. There wasn't too much back story with Sagan, but we had heard mention of him in the other books, briefly. And book 2 left off in a particular way that it was nice to hear book 3 pick up right where book 2 kinda sorta left off. We barreled into Sagan's story though, and it was extremely rushed feeling. I was reeling at the quickness of how things were developing and didn't quite understand WHY Frank was rushing things along. One second Sagan was in a situation where he was a completely celibate male, with his focus on working and training (and apparently he'd been that way for a long long time so says book 1 and 2) and then all of a sudden he's completely head over heals boinking the brains out of Valera. It was just odd and how little time passed from first meeting her to complete and utter mad love was odd too. But it's okay... there was so much more to this book than that! It was a handful of chapters, the story of Sagan, then we bounce over to Malaya's story! Some books do that, split it up like that, I know... but I don't particular know why Frank choose this route. Was there not enough digs on Sagan and Val for them to have their own book? (and Valera was mentioned in the Nightwalker series too! so very clever on Franks part- loved it!) Ah well... so aside from the brief confusion (hey it doesn't take much sometimes!) we are now onto Malaya's tale with Guin. Which I think it should have been GUIN's tale ;) He was just such a great male character! I loved hearing about him bit by bit through the other 2 books and then it finally all just came to a head in this book and my growing adoration for Guin hit its pinnacle. I really liked the pairing of Malaya and Guin too! Her character was great, a good, solid character with fears, hopes, desires etc. And her portion of the book was drawn out, every detail lush and easy to imagine; which was in stark contrast to Sagan's portion of the book, which was extremely rushed feeling. It was so odd to have the two stories in one book that were so opposite of one another. But the very last chapter everything and everyone are brought together in a scenario which was, for me, the icing on the cake and at such great timing. I truly do love this series. It felt like it was left "open", but am not sure what Frank intends to do with the Shadowdwellers, it might have just been my hopeful and wishful thinking; and she truly did END the series with this third book. I could honestly sit and listen to stories about every single one of them, that's how much I love Frank's writing! I haven't been to her site in a while, so I'm not sure if the series is over or not? Anyway, I'll be starting book 1 in her Nightwalker World series- Forbidden, later today :) I'm excited!

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