19 March 2013

Night of the Huntress (Brotherhood of Blood #2) by Kathryn Smith

{YES, I've listened to this book on audio and YES this post contains spoilers, as I am reviewing a book!! LOL! may contain questionable language, discretion is advised! Excerpt below from Good Reads.}

Night of the Huntress (Brotherhood of Blood #2)

Bishop has been a vampire for 700 years and though he wishes nothing more than to live his life in peace, getting humans to believe that vampires are not monsters is a difficult task, and vampire hunters like The Reaper make it even more difficult.
Believing that a vampire killed her mother, Irina leads a band of vigilantes, determined to rid the world of these monsters. What no one knows is that Irina herself is half–vampire. Determined to deny that side of her, Irina captures Bishop, believing he can lead her to the vampire responsible for her mother's death. But over the course of Bishop's captivity, secrets about Irina's past are revealed and she soon learns that what she has always believed to be true is anything but. Now Irina and Bishop are in a race against time as they fight for their lives––and their love.

Hello hello! I finished the above book- Night of the Huntress by Kathryn Smith last night, so here I am! Ready for my close up...errr... review! ;) I thought I would go about my reviews different, just perhaps to mix it up a bit! :P Introducing... PROs and CONs! Woot! heh! Without ado~

Pros... So, this is the second book in the Brotherhood of Blood books, and I enjoyed book 1 fairly well, so I thought I would dive into book 2 after a bit of a break between books. And this one was fun! It had plenty of action/adventure in it to keep me interested and the dynamic between the two characters Marika... WHUT!?? Look above ^^^ at the GoodReads excerpt! LMBO! It says Irina! LOL! wow... hmmm... I'm sure there is something doing about that, but whatev... In the book the narrator called her Marika and the male was indeed Bishop, so at least that is right! LOL! Anywho... the dynamic between the two is great! It starts out very love/hate, with Marika having either heard some "not so true" information etc etc, she came to her own conclusions about "vampires" and whatnot and so it soon became Bishops goal, to get the truth and facts out there, and of course, he falls madly in love with her! LOL! Tried and true, very typical of these types of books, very "typecast" but still super fun and enjoyable because even though the plots are relatively the same, the characters are always different and fun to learn about. *nod* What I really like about Smith's writing style, now that I've indulged in TWO books by her, is that she has a wonderful way of painting a picture w/o any pesky over use of detail. This is a period piece type book, taking place in the 1800's / early 1900's, so there has to be that little special something about it, that gives you that nostalgic feel, and she has it! Oh and this one was super steamy, lol! Great description of all the good, yummy naughty bits! ;) LOL! I really enjoyed that aspect! heh!

Cons... I thought it might be interesting to do a bit of a meh paragraph or so kinda touching a little bit on what I wasn't so sure about in the books from now on... and I know this first point will probably be in several of my reviews... the narration! UGH! If you're an avid audiobook junkie like myself, then you know how utterly important narration is for an audiobook! I've listened to some books that were like fine works of art, honest to god! It was like a movie, or a tv show with sound effects and dramatic reading; utter perfection... and then I've had the misfortune of listening to some that I honestly couldn't even finish, they were THAT bad! LOL! So there is quite the huge gap there, between utterly horrible and down right AWESOME! Most books fall somewhere in between there for me. This one was more towards the horrible aspect! *snort* The reader was someone named Tobin Doyle, who's voice sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn't find any other books I'd listened to by her, so *shrug*. But the accents, for me, were a little off, the- I guess- post or pre production was glitchy too. I could tell when they pieced in different ways of the reader saying a particular name, early in the book she was pronouncing a characters name a certain way and then later in the book, you can hear where they spliced her voice in there with a completely different pronunciation! It was beyond strange. Almost cartoonish! LOL! But she pronounced the "Father"s name differently than the reader did in the first book and it was driving me completely bat shit crazy! LOL! Anyway, that was pretty much the only thing that really irked me about this book, the narration! 

So with all that being said, I WILL continue on to the 3rd book after a bit of a paranormal break. I do that sometimes ;) Going to delve into some pesky human emotions! Those crazy humans!

Even with the horrific reading of the book, I still gave it:

And, after this book ended, I stayed up WAYYYY TOOOO LATE last night, getting several chapters into, and falling madly in love with:

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