18 April 2013

A Hunger So Wild (Renegade Angels #2) by Sylvia Day

{YES, I've listened to this book on audio and YES this post contains spoilers, as I am reviewing a book!! LOL! may contain questionable language, discretion is advised! Excerpt below from Good Reads.}

A Hunger So Wild (Renegade Angels #2)

Sylvia Day draws us back into the shadows of a seductive underworld where lycans, vampires and angels vie for supremacy...
Elijah Reynolds is the most dominant of lycans, a rare Alpha whose skill on the hunt is surpassed only by his primal sexuality. When the lycans revolt due to the iron fist of angelic rule, he steps into command, becoming both enemy and coveted ally in the conflict between vampires and angels.
Vashti is the second most powerful vampire in the world, a lethal beauty with a path of devastation in her wake. Tasked with proposing an alliance between vampires and the lycans who killed her mate, Vash approaches Elijah, whose need to avenge a friend demands Vash's death even as his passion demands her surrender.
Soon, their enmity erodes beneath an all-consuming desire. Elijah has never encountered a woman whose warrior spirit and fierce sexual appetite rivals his own, while Vash is faced with the one man strong enough to be her equal. But as war looms, each must decide where their loyalty lies--with their own kind or with the enemy lover they can no longer live without. 

Hello! I'm just a few minutes out from having finished the above book; A Hunger So Wild by Sylvia Day. It's book 2 in her Renegade Angels series and was read to me (I feel so special heh!) by someone whom I've not heard before, Rachel Vivette, who did a magnificent job! I actually recall not really preferring book #1 in this series, I remember feeling a little 'meh' about it and not rating it very high. I had been putting this sequel off for some weeks now, thinking it would probably be just as unimpressive as its introduction book... BOY! WAS I WRONG! LOL! I actually absolutely LOVED this book. I loved everything about it and was really happy with Day's choice of whom the main characters were! We had touched on them very briefly in the first book, sort of got to know them, but definitely got to know them better in this second book! I loved the way the reader did the voice of Elijah, it was smokin' hot and the temperament and attitude of his counterpart, Vashti, was freaking awesome. She was bad ass and he was bad ass too! Lots of badassery going on in this book LOL! Oh, and it was steamy hot too, which is always a bonus! ;) I'm really glad I finally gave this book a listen and didn't let the fact that I wasn't fond of the first book in this series deter me! I'm thinking that the third book is going to be JUST as awesome, and I'm definitely looking forward to it! :)

I easily gave this book:

I am loading this one up today, mp3 player is charging right now hehe!

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